[email protected] Version: 3.2 MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Page 1 of 7 Pfizer Inc Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Group 235 East 42nd Street New York, New York 10017 1-212-573-2222 ... 6 Month(s) Dog Oral 10 mg/kg/day LOEL Liver In Vitro Cytogenetics Mouse Negative Antigenicity- Active anaphylaxis Guinea Pig Negative ...

PBMC Macrophage Differentiation | Sigma

The macrophages are ready (day 10). The macrophages may now be used directly in the plates where they reside, e.g. when performing phagocytosis assays. Maintenance of the culture for up to three weeks by performing weekly medium changes with fresh complete Macrophage Generation Medium DXF ( C-28055, C-29056 ) is possible.

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MSDS Database (MSDS DATABASE) for plastic materials is available through the Professional Plastics website. Contact Us Locations About Us Track Shipment Register Log In Cart The Leader in Plastic Sheets, Rods, Tubing, Profiles, & Components 1-888-995-7767. Home / Other / MSDS Database.

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5. Bhende S, Rothenburger S, Spangler DJ, Dito M. In vitro assessment of microbial barrier properties of DERMABOND® Topical Skin Adhesive.Surg Infect (Larchmt).2002;3(3):251-257. 6. Ethicon US Market Share Report, October 2016. 7. Dermabond RCT List, Jan 2017. 8. Competitive TSA RCT Summary. 9. Singer AJ, Perry L.

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Para Plástico. Pintura En Spray Diseñada Especialmente. Para Plástico. Revolucionaria pintura que hace posible pintar en plàstico y PVC sin necesidad de aplicar primer ni lijar • No se requiere lijado o primer antes de pintar • Se adhiere fàcilmente a la mayoria de plàsticos, resinas PVC y más

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technical & msds/sds. installation instructions. SUPERIOR MEDIA FOR SAND FILTERS. Recycled Glass. Vitroclean recycled glass is a direct replacement for silica sand. Using our proprietary milling technology, we remove contaminates to produce a clean, high quality filter media. Vitroclean offers you the safest, most reliable and cost ...


Other Names: Triclopyr + Picloram, Group I herbicide. Use: An environmental and noxious woody and herbaceous herbicide. Company: Apparent Pty Ltd Address: Suite G.08, 762 Toorak Rd, Glen Iris, Vic. 3146. PO Box 3092, Cotham PO, Kew, Vic 3101 . ACN/ABN: 143 724 136 Telephone Number: 03 …


Isopropyl Alcohol Revision Date 06/13/2019 Version 1.3 Print Date 06/13/2019 110000000932 Page 3 of 10 SAFETY DATA SHEET Ingestion If swallowed, call a poison control centre or doctor immediately. Do not induce vomiting

Safety Data Sheet SECTION 1: Identification

3M ESPE CAVIT 02/25/16 Page 5 of 9 10.1. Reactivity This material is considered to be non reactive under normal use conditions. 10.2. Chemical stability

(PDF) A 3

Unfertilised eggs stored 3 days in vitro in CF exhibited the same quality as eggs stored 3 days in vivo (control). after a 9-day storage in CF, egg quality was lower for the 2 females analysed.

Material Safety Data Sheet

MSDS : 14397 Material Safety Data Sheet ... in vitro Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell sister chromatid exchange ... 13-week rat inhalation study using dose levels of 0, 100, 500, and 1500 ppm for 6 hours/day, 5 days/week, no target organ toxicity including neurotoxicity was observed at any dose level. Slight general systemic


Product name: MILESTONE ™ Herbicide Issue Date: 05/26/2015 Page 5 of 10 Liquid Density 1.140 g/cm3 at 20 °C (68 °F ) Digital density meter Molecular weight no data available Surface tension 54.4 mN/m at20 °C (68 °F ) NOTE: The physical data presented above …

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Avantor ® is a leading global provider of mission-critical products and services to customers in the life sciences and advanced technologies & applied materials industries. The company operates in more than 30 countries and delivers an extensive portfolio of products and services. As our channel brand, VWR offers an integrated, seamless purchasing experience that is optimized for the way our ...

SAFETY DATA SHEET Tilex® Mold & Mildew Remover

Genotoxicity - in vitro Chromosome aberration: Negative. REACH dossier information. Genotoxicity - in vivo Chromosome aberration: Negative. REACH dossier information. Carcinogenicity NOAEL > 13.75 mg/kg/day, Oral, Rat REACH dossier information. IARC carcinogenicity IARC Group 3 Not classifiable as to its carcinogenicity to humans. Reproductive ...

Safety Data Sheet Section 1. Identification

LA-486 Black 1-2-13 2 Section 4. First Aid Measures Eyes: Flush with large amounts of water, holding eyelid open for 15 minutes. If irritation persists, seek medical attention. Skin: Wash with soap and water or plain water for 15 minutes. If rash or irritation develops, seek medical attention.


MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET PRODUCT NAME: MAXIM ADVANCED Page 2 of 5 SECTION 4 FIRST AID MEASURES INHALATION: If inhaled,removetofreshair.If notbreathing, giveartificialrespiration.Ifbreathing is difficult, give oxygen. Call a physician. SKIN CONTACT: Flushskinwithwateraftercontact.Washcontaminatedclothing before reuse. EYE CONTACT: Incaseof …


16. OTHER INFORMATION REASON FOR ISSUE: Official APPROVED BY: Hans Lehmann TITLE: QA Manager PREPARED BY: Eva Kroon Date Revised: 07/05/2018 INFORMATION CONTACT: Dr A-H Jakobsson REVISION SUMMARY: This SDS replaces the 06/01/2015 SDS. Revised: Section 1: 24 HR. EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS. ADDITIONAL MSDS INFORMATION: The data in this …

Quinn's Advantage Medium with HEPES

Quinn's Advantage™ Medium with HEPES Quinn's Advantage™ Medium with HEPES was developed for in vitro procedures involving manipulation of gametes and embryos not requiring the use of a CO2 incubator. HEPES buffered human tubal fluid (HTF) has the same components and advantages of our Quinn's Advantage Fertilization Medium. Modifications to the original formulation include low phosphate

MSDS Roundup PRO® Concentrate Herbicide

FOR CHEMICAL EMERGENCY, SPILL LEAK, FIRE, EXPOSURE, OR ACCIDENT Call CHEMTREC - Day or Night: 1-800-424-9300 toll free in the continental U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada, or Islands. For calls originating elsewhere: 703-527-3887 (collect calls accepted). FOR MEDICAL EMERGENCY - Day or Night: +1 (314) 694-4000 (collect calls accepted). 2.


Call CHEMTREC Day or Night: 1-800-424-9300. For Medical Emergencies Only, Call 1-877-325-1840. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Millennium Ultra 2 Page 2 of 7 May 14, 2008 4. FIRST AID MEASURES ... In-vitro and animal genetic toxicity studies with clopyralid were negative.

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Satisfying tough challenges with proven performance. Polyethylene (PE) is widely used in the world today to efficiently protect and transport all types of products.

Sitravatinib (MGCD516) | RTK Inhibitor | MedChemExpress

Sitravatinib (MGCD516) is an orally bioavailable receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) inhibitor with IC50s of 1.5 nM, 2 nM, 2 nM, 5 nM, 6 nM, 6 nM, 8 nM, 0.5 nM, 29 nM, 5 nM, and 9 nM for Axl, MER, VEGFR3, VEGFR2, VEGFR1, KIT, FLT3, DDR2, DDR1, TRKA, TRKB, respectively. Sitravatinib shows potent single-agent antitumor efficacy and enhances the activity of PD-1 blockade through promoting an …


SAFETY DATA SHEET Date Issued : 06/01/2015 MSDS No : G-2 Date Revised : 07/05/2018 Revision No : 3 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION MANUFACTURER Vitrolife Sweden AB Web: Gustaf Werners gata 2, SE-421 32


In a 30-day dietary study in which rats were administered pendimethalin in the diet at 0, 800, 1600 or 3200 ppm (equal to 0, 85.4, 163 and 338 mg/kg bw per day for males and 0, 86.2, 168 and 333 mg/kg bw per day for females, respectively), the NOAEL was 3200 ppm (equal to 333 mg/kg bw per day), the highest dose tested.


MSDS Number : 000000011700 Product Use Description : Solvent Manufactured for : VWR International LLC Radnor Corporate Center Building One Suite 200 100 Matsonford Road Radnor PA 19087 For more information call : (Monday-Friday,8.00am-5:00pm) 1-800-932-5000 In case of emergency call : (24 hours/day, 7 days/week)

BOTOX® Safety Data Sheet

SAFETY DATA SHEET Issuing Date 11-Jan-2010 Revision Date 02-Apr-2015 Revision Number 2 1. IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE/PREPARATION AND THE COMPANY/UNDERTAKING GHS product identifier Product Name BOTOX® (Botulinum Toxin …

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

reduced by 81% on Day 28 in the OECD 301E study. Based on this study, PetClean Instant Carpet Stain and Odor Eliminator can be classified as "readily biodegradable" by the OECD definition since greater than 70% biodegradation was observed within a 10 day window.


The MSDS contains all the information required. 16. Other information: Disclaimer: Reagent for in vitro laboratory use only. Warranty: The above mentioned information in this document is based on our present state of knowledge and is applicable with regard to appropriate safety precaution. For

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